The Interplay Between a Course Management System and Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge, Beliefs, and Instructional Practices

Thea K. Dunn
University of Wisconsin–River Falls


The multiyear study discussed in this paper focuses on the use of a course management system (CMS) to deliver video clips and interactive mathematics investigations and to support shared reflections in a field-based elementary mathematics methods course. The findings reveal that virtual observations of mathematics teaching episodes in diverse classrooms and participation in interactive mathematics activities and shared reflections via the CMS online discussion board challenged the preservice teachers to reconstruct their beliefs about mathematics teaching and diverse students. Classroom observations and excerpts from the discussion board illustrate how the CMS promoted changes in the preservice teachers’ mathematics knowledge and instructional practices. This study gives rise to important findings on the relationships between shared online reflections on virtual observations of mathematics lessons and mathematics teaching in diverse classrooms that are being utilized to inform decisions about teacher preparation programs and the mathematical education of diverse student populations.

About the Author(s)...

Thea K. Dunn is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Her primary research interests include the use of technology, reform-based curricula, and culturally-based materials and methods to facilitate the implementation of student-centered pedagogical strategies and support the development of mathematical understandings. Dr. Dunn has taught mathematics education and educational technology courses at the university level and mathematics and computer applications courses at the middle and secondary level. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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