The Design and Field Test of a Web-Based Training Program for Future School Administrators in a Northwest Florida School District

Doris U. Bolliger
St. Cloud State University


A Web-based instructional product was successfully developed and evaluated through a field test. The module was the prototype of a new learning and training system and part of the Florida Principal Certification. The sample consisted of 25 trainees who were teachers, appointed intern assistant principals, or interim principals. The instructor was district-based and served as the subject matter expert. To guide the three phases of the module’s production three instructional design models were combined. The statistical analysis revealed the group scored significantly higher on the posttest (M = 37.56) than the pretest (M = 26.88), p < .001. The instructor confirmed all trainees had met identified instructional objectives. Trainees evaluated the Web-based training favorably; the majority of trainees agreed with all 49 items on an evaluation questionnaire administered after the field test. Reported advantages outweighed experienced disadvantages, and participants indicated they would enroll in additional Web-based training modules. Participants offered several suggestions and recommendations for the revision of the module.

About the Author(s)...

Doris U. Bollinger is currently an Assistant Professor at St. Cloud State University where she teaches instructional technology courses. Dr. Bollinger’s primary research interests are communication in the online environment, diversity, professional development, and online distance learning and training. Dr. Bollinger can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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